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Twister demonstrates open virtual test lab at the SDN World Congress ONF solution show case

Luxoft’s open source test automation platform Twister was used to demonstrate a use case of open virtual SDN Test lab in ONF’s Solutions Showcase at the SDN world congress 2014 event held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The first-ever ONF’s SDN Solutions Showcase featured 22 companies, their customers, operators, and end users demonstrating SDN solutions to hundreds of participants in the SDN & OpenFl… Continue Reading →

Configuring file for DB save and reports

This is a tutorial about how to configure the file that control the information saved into database and how the reports are generated. This information is detailed as well in Twister User Guide document. 1. Saving results into database Based on db.xml file, the Twister framework can be configured to identify what are the results and internal variables that need to be stored into database. We didn’… Continue Reading →