ONF Fall PlugFest to Test SDN / OpenFlow Conformance

At the recently concluded ONF PlugFest at Spirent communications in Sunnyvale, CA, Luxoft demonstrated capabilities of its OpenFlow compliance test suite by helping ONF member companies validate OF 1.3 test plan conformance. As an active member of the ONF testing and inter-operability working group, Luxoft conducted OF 1.3 pre-testing using a small subset of OpenFlow 1.3 test cases that were selected by the working group to check OpenFlow 1.3 conformance readiness. Using Luxoft’s Twister test execution framework, we conducted OpenFlow 1.3 pre-test on physical and virtual OpenFlow switch products that many member companies brought to this event for conformance and inter-operability testing. Some member companies even chose to run Luxoft’s entire suite of 400+ OpenFlow 1.3 test cases which helped them to uncover functional issues that could potentially gate OpenFlow 1.3 test plan conformance.

Luxoft was well appreciated for contribution to ONF community at this PlugFest event. We want to thank Dan Pitt, Rick Bauer and ONF testing and inter-operability working group for offering Luxoft an opportunity to help the ONF community at large with OpenFlow readiness and adoption.

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