Twister demonstrates open virtual test lab at the SDN World Congress ONF solution show case

Luxoft’s open source test automation platform Twister was used to demonstrate a use case of open virtual SDN Test lab in ONF’s Solutions Showcase at the SDN world congress 2014 event held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The first-ever ONF’s SDN Solutions Showcase featured 22 companies, their customers, operators, and end users demonstrating SDN solutions to hundreds of participants in the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress. The technology demonstrations highlighted real customers using SDN solutions to solve IT problems & challenges.

The demos were broadcast around the world on a webcam and centered around four themes including Carrier SDN/WAN, Campus SDN, Data Center SDN, and SDN Testing & Validation.

Twister was demonstrated to showcase “Virtual SDN Openflow Test Lab” use case. In this demonstration, Twister’s distributed and modular architecture was leveraged to build a virtual test lab where twister components such as the central engine and execution engine can be installed and run as separate virtual machines deployed in the cloud. Although the demo was shown running inside a physical server, the key take away from this demo was to showcase Twister’s capabilities as a virtual and distributed test harness that can be hosted in the cloud to run test as a service or lab as a service. Further, Luxoft demonstrated openflow conformance and performance using this virtual test lab to test various open source openflow switches such as Open vSwitch, LINC and Floodlight Indigo as DUTs. To learn more about this use case, please download the solution brief.

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