Welcome to the New TwisterTesting.com

With the recent announcement of the strategic partnership between Spirent and Luxoft, a revised TwisterTesting.com website was a mandate. A lot of interesting content has be added to the improved twister website including a brand new look and navigation, product overview, solution use cases, professional services offerings and most importantly, Spirent-Luxoft joint partnership around OpenFlow compliance testing solutions. Through this partnership, Luxoft offers a comprehensive test solution designed to provide an open and extensible openflow testing framework that spans across OpenFlow 1.0 and OpenFlow 1.3 specifications. In addition, this solution is backed by Luxoft’s proven professional services support to help NEM/OEM/ODM vendors with resolution of open flow specification non-conformance issues and any vendor specific needs around test harness customization.

We are very excited about the joint benefits of Spirent-Luxoft partnership to OpenFlow vendor community. Please contact us for further information.

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