OpenFlow 1.3 Test Suite

Open_Networking_FoundationTwister’s OpenFlow 1.3 compliance test suite includes 400+ test cases and adheres to OpenFlow 1.3 specification. These test cases are grouped as per OpenFlow functional testing areas that are exercised via openflow protocol messages sent to openflow swithes.

Twister also supports OpenFlow 1.0 test suite that’s currently available as open source.

OpenFlow Compliance Test Solutions

Through a strategic partnership with Spirent Communications, Luxoft offers a comprehensive test suite designed to provide an open and extensible testing automation framework.

Some highlights:

  • OpenFlow Compliance Test Suite

    • 400+ OF 1.3, growing 1.4 test cases
    • Test case authoring, customization, reporting & debugging tools provided by Spirent
    • Open & scalable execution engine and OpenFlow test cases library by Luxoft
    • Annual subscription to future OpenFlow test cases, software updates
  • Conformance Certification Preparation

    • Automated testing against ONF’s OFTest reference test code (currently 1.0.1) to prepare for final certification
  • Conformance Coaching Services

    • Remote professional consultation & support
  • Customization Services for Continuous Integration

    • Integration with software QA & regression test systems