Committed to building “products around services”, Luxoft’s core competency is as a services firm. Twister, the open source test automation framework, has the option of utilizing Luxoft’s professional services arm. For Twister, Luxoft offers full, complete customization services.

These customized services include tailoring the Twister framework to meet particular projects specifications and performance requirements. For QA and development teams needing custom tests, Luxoft writes tests according to individual requirements. Professional services also include test conversion, test tuning for the customer’s specific environment, and module development for specific devices.

Customization is accomplished by leveraging three strategic areas in the way of systems development: the use of framework development know-how, open source software platforms, and professional services.

  • Luxoft has an intimate knowledge of the Twister framework. The Twister framework itself has over 10,000 hours of development time and 40,000 lines of code. It can be quickly modified for rapid deployment.
  • Open source software attracts the industry’s leading and most passionate contributors and hosts a public arena of ideas, techniques, and approaches that can leverage the best of each other. Open source encourages goodwill and shared commitment to user challenges, while professional services are made efficient and effective through utilization of deployable consistency.
  • Professional services offer a level of scalability that may not be available with a conventional propriety tool and internal staffing models. Harnessing the best of both compelling strategies makes for a logical and risk-reduced business case.
Services include:

Test Case Creation / Framework Development

Luxoft will develop tests specifically for customers’ device(s) under test. This includes automating tests and integrating tests into an existing automation framework. Luxoft has 10+ years experience in just framework development alone.

The full range of tests include:

  • Functional/regression testing,
  • Performance Load / Stress, and /benchmarking
  • API testing
  • Compatibility/configuration testing
  • Localizability/localization testing
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing
  • Data migration/conversion testing

Test Conversion

Luxoft offers test conversions for customers who want to convert and run their existing suite of tests in the Luxoft environment. Luxoft analyzes the existing test suite, develops equivalent tests, and integrates them into the automation framework.

Test Tuning

Test tuning services are available for customers running tests in the Twister environment, but not generating the needed load. Twister experts analyze the tests and implement improvements to more effectively stress the device(s) under test. Test tuning discovers the true product performance limits in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Testing Services

For companies who don’t own Twister, yet need an IT evaluation, Luxoft offers testing services. Luxoft develops the test plan, executes the tests, and delivers a report with detailed analysis and recommendations. The offer is ideal for validating a testing framework purchase or understanding the capacities of an existing tools; and especially useful for companies who don’t possess an IT communications infrastructure testing expertise.


Customized the statistics and reporting based on what an end-user wants


Luxoft Professional Services are all customized quotes, based on the mix of services, tailored to a customers’ needs.

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