OpenFlow Testing

Conformance Testing
Network equipment vendors face multiple challenges in developing products that must comply with different protocol specifications and standards. With Twister, developers can continually deploy conformance testing for their products using test sets that support multiple protocols. Identifying bugs and non-conformance early in the development cycle reduces engineering costs and ensures product quality.

Open_Networking_FoundationTwister’s OpenFlow compliance testing is currently available and adheres to both OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.3. With over 400 test compliance cases included, they can be grouped by functionality and flagged as optional to follow the OpenFlow specification.


Some highlights:

  • Flow visualization
  • Integrated OpenFlow packet capture and analysis to decode OpenFlow packets
  • Bulit-in OpenFlow controller for maximum flexibility and stability, the flexible controller architecture can be extended easily to provide external APIs for flow tracing, showing details about connected switches and REST API
  • Multiple controller sessions
  • Simultaneous testing of multiple switches with aggregated statistics
  • Multiple connections scenario
  • TLS/SSL connections in progress